Product Tour - Choose Your Wedding Pages, Photos and Content
While we do all the work, you can simply select which options and pages are right for you:
  • WELCOME (welcome message and photo)
  • ABOUT US (bride and groom bios, how we met and more info)
  • THE PROPOSAL (your story)
  • THE CEREMONY (location and event information)
  • THE WEDDING PARTY (photos and bios of your wedding party members)
  • THE RECEPTION (location and event information)
  • OUR GIFT REGISTRY (store info, notes and website links)
  • LOCAL AREA INFORMATION (travel and lodging information)
  • OUR HONEYMOON (location, stories and photo)
  • OUR PHOTO ALBUM (up to 25 pictures and descriptions)
  • OUR GUEST BOOK (visitor message board)
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